Macs Only!'s CompUSA WATCH(TM) Report Guide


Please use the descriptions below as a guide to providing your report. They are, however, just a guide.

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Which description best characterizes:

1. The ASWAS display in general, i.e. the area neatness, the computers condition, the availability of peripherals, accessories and supplies?

A. ASWAS well-kept; most computers functional; running software demo, game, PC emulation and business applications. Reasonable number of peripherals, accessories and supplies.

C. ASWAS not great but generally no worse off than the rest of the store and most of the computers functional, either running a demo or some relevant software. Minimal to reasonable number of peripherals, accessories and supplies.

X. ASWAS extremely messy/blocked (including pallets, ladders and shelves too high) or more than half of the computers non-functional or virtually no peripherals, accessories or supplies.

2. The hardware stock on display?

A. At least one currently-shipping computer/monitor from each category: Blue & White PowerMac G3, B&W Apple CRT Monitor, Apple Flat Panel Display, PowerBook G3, iMac 266, Consumer portable (when available).

C. Lacking two categories.

X. Lacking more than two categories.

3. The software stock on display?

A. Current versions of most popular game, family, productivity, business and graphics applications, including Microsoft Office 98. Most hybrid CD software titles in ASWAS section as well as Wintel section.

C. Reasonably moderate selection of current Mac software or hybrid CD titles only available in the Wintel section.

X. Poor or very minimal or mostly outdated selection of Mac software.

4. The Mac staff?

A. At least one person reasonably knowledgeable about Macs and Mac accessories (RAM, VRAM, cables, drives, etc.) is usually in the ASWAS evenings and weekends as well as week days. This means that there are probably at least three well-trained Mac staff members assigned to the ASWAS and one is there at all times.

C. As above but with some significant gaps in knowledge or availability in ASWAS.

X. No Mac staff or virtually no Mac staff or "Mac staff" minimally knowledgeable or worse.

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